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Yippeeee, summer is here. If you are the process of planning your exact go-to spots for your Balkans summer vacation, and this post is for you!

If you haven’t decided where to go yet, this post will have you drooling over the entire Adriatic Sea. This sidearm of the Mediterranean is famous for its historic cities—Venice, Split, and Dubrovnik, just to name a few—but it’s also known for the extraordinarily beautiful coastline and islands.

Consider putting some of the following best Balkan islands to explore this summer on your itinerary.

Hvar, Croatia

Tips for Travel to Croatia: Hvar Island


Some say that this is the very best island in the entire Adriatic, Hvar has pretty much everything. From historic towns and nightlife to secluded beaches and unique natural attractions, you find it all on this island.

The island has been inhabited for more than two millennia and its main hub is Hvar Town. There, you’ll find nearly all of the island’s party hotspots—you may even spot…

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