Win a Clip-on Smartphone Lens By Pixter

Though the cameras on smartphones have gotten significantly better over the years, there are still some limitations. Even my new iPhone 7 Plus, doesn’t have the range that I’d like. There are just times I need to be able to take a wide-angle shot to capture the streets of Havana or to be able to get so close up on a tiny insect while still staying in focus.

That’s where Pixter lenses come into play.

Pixter smartphone lens

Pixter makes an assortment of lenses that clip right onto any smartphone — easy peasy. Plus, they are small enough to put in the pocket of your jacket (that’s what I did while photographing the Golden Gate Bridge with my lens!). Each one weighs around an ounce and is about the length of my index finger.

With eight lenses to choose from, their range can fit just about every photography scenario! The Macro Pro is perfect for that bumble bee on a flower pic and the Wide Angle Pro can capture more of the beautiful landscape in photos.

Here’s a sample of what Wide…

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