21 Reasons Why Parents Love Cruising To Hawaii With Carnival

Cruising is more than just a vacation.

When you work hard every day, all year long you need a really relaxing break. And there’s nothing quite as therapeutic as unwinding on a majestic cruise ship sailing into the sunset towards a dreamy tropical destination.

But if you’re a parent, like me, you know it’s not quite as easy as that.

Don’t get me wrong. I love spending time with my kids, Mia and Caius. Every minute with them is a privilege and joy, and I know one day they will fly the nest to chart their own destiny.

But once in a while a parent just needs a little bit of a holiday from… well, being a parent.

Let’s be honest. You know what I mean.

Whilst there was no shortage of fun, family-friendly activities I enjoyed with my kids on-board the Carnival Miracle, I also discovered a bunch of reasons why parents love cruising to Hawaii with Carnival.

It’s so much fun being an adult too!