What we did with 7 days in the Sacred Valley Peru (BESIDES Machu Picchu!)

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Having recently returned from a week or so in Peru, I thought I would share our itinerary of what we did with 7 days in the Sacred Valley.  I don’t claim that this is the best itinerary for everyone, but I share it in the hopes that it could give you some ideas if you are also coming to Peru with a week in the Sacred Valley / Cuzco.

Taxi services / prices in Cusco and the Sacred Valley

Taxis in the Sacred Valley do not run on any meters, but there does appear to be a fairly established series of rates to go to different places.  Unfortunately, taxi prices in Cusco do seem to come with a “tourist” tax, where drivers will try to get whatever they can out of you if they think you’re a tourist and/or don’t know any better.  As such, it’s important to…

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