Introducing the world’s most affordable private jet


Imagine no longer having to queue to go through airport security, but instead simply hopping into your own private jet and flying off to your desired destination in style. Well this option has just become more affordable.

Cirrus Vision private jet

The Cirrus Vision is the world’s most affordable private jet

At around 50% of the cost of its closest competitor, the Cirrus Vision certainly is an impressive vision. Greatly anticipated by a number of keen buyers, it has been through a ten year period of design and production. Now it’s finally on the market for an affordable price tag of $1.96 million.

Cirrus Vision affordable private jet

The culmination of vision and spirit

Endless, enthusiastic innovation combined with vision and spirit have culminated in the creation of the Cirrus Vision. Undoubtedly, this is a breakthrough aircraft that offers the ultimate in pleasure to fly and to own. Additionally it offers unparalleled safety along with a sleek, sophisticated style….

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