10 reasons why everyone should travel to Russia at least once


With a page turning history, incredible architecture, art and culture, not to mention, world-class restaurants and hotels, plus warm and welcoming people, the largest country in the world has so much to offer the luxury traveler. Moscow and St. Petersburg are the perfect places to start. Allow a minimum of one week if you are planning on visiting both cities. If you have more time, a few nights in the fairy-tale region known as the Golden Ring, just outside Moscow would make an unforgettable addition to your trip.

1. Immerse yourself in history

Russian history reads like fiction, but it is reality! From the Romanovs to Rasputin to the revolution, visiting Russia brings her history alive, whichever period you may be interested in. Imagine meeting a retired KGB colonel, visiting the underground world of a secret cold war bunker, or learning about the space race from the Russian perspective at the museum of…

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