Luxury travel treats: Muse meditation headband, Saddleback Leather backpack and more…


Our latest round-up of luxury travel treats includes a number of gadgets and accessories to help you travel more comfortably. Whether you merely wish to take the stress out of travelling with a meditation headband, take the photographic possibilities with your smartphone to the next level, secure inexpensive WiFi access when you’re on the move, or just find a long-lasting bag in which to carry everything, you’ll find it all here – and more. We hope you’ll see something here that grabs you.

Muse meditation headband

Travelling can be a little stressful sometimes, whether you be worrying about what to pack or dashing to make a connection at the airport. Whatever it is that increases your anxiety level, your personal meditation headband is here to help. Muse is a portable brain-sensing headband that measures whether your mind is calm or active, and translates those signals into guiding sounds. Immerse yourself…

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