Painting with light in Paternoster


Luxury is… painting with light. Shutterbugs will be in their element when visiting Paternoster, on the west coast of South Africa. This serene and picturesque seaside village is truly a photographer’s paradise. To produce perfect pictures of picture perfect scenes is always a challenge. Walk with me and my camera!

paternoster-photography-paint with light

Keep the golden rule of thirds

We tend to place an object right in the middle of each photo – this can become very boring. The basic rule of thirds will make most photos more interesting and pleasing to the eye. To practice this, imagine that your image is vertically transacted in three equal parts by two vertical lines and horizontally transacted in three equal parts by two horizontal lines. Good cameras give you the option to display  this grid for your use. Now try to place the most important parts of your scene along these lines.

paternoster-photography-rule of thirds

Maintain the balance

The rule of thirds positions your main…

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