Sabich, the Israeli Pita Sandwich That Will Win You Over

GUEST POST: Dan currently splits time between Israel and the Philippines, working on his website about the Philippines. This post is about one of his favorite sandwiches in the world, Sabich.

When debating on the national dish of Israel, most will say it’s falafel. While falafel has all the fame, it is its lesser known cousin – sabich – that will be declared as the national dish by many Israelis. It sure is my personal favorite among all our local street food. So what is this sandwich all about? It is a glorious synergy between pita bread, egg, eggplant, and vegetable salad, with humus tahini, and amba (components to be elaborated on later).

There is a huge debate about the origin of the dish. It’s said to have come with the Iraqi Jews, but if you went to Iraq in the 60s and asked around where can you get it, no one would know what you are talking about (as I was once told by my friend’s grandmother who was born in Iraq). That makes it genuinely Israeli, unlike…

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