How To Travel Without Leaving Your Favourite TV Shows Behind

I recently got home from a 2-week camping trip with my family – the wife and my two young boys – and the one thing that made the downtime better, even with the bad weather we caught at the beginning of our trip, was being able to kick back and catch up on our favourite TV shows anywhere.

Now I’m the first to say I don’t want my kids sitting in front of the TV for hours on end. But I’m quite happy for them to be entertained when I need a break and they also complement their couch time with outdoor play time.

On this trip, I was impressed with the neat features of the DISH Anywhere and Hopper GO DVR. Most importantly, the boys had a real blast, and they could finally watch their favourite Netflix shows and cartoons on the go without a problem. Oh, and we had a brilliant time camping too.

Dish Anywhere and Hopper Go

Although driving 200 miles to the camp site and back was a real pain, listening to some of our favourite shows in the car (with the boys watching in the…

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