Get ready for 8 weeks of Amtrak delays in NYC

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If you’re taking Amtrak in or out of New York City, you have the pleasure unique experience of passing through Pennsylvania Station. Like death and taxes, there’s no avoiding it. Come July 10th, it’s going to get a lot more stressful, as Amtrak, Long Island Rail Road, and New Jersey Transit have no choice but to curtail service in order to perform dire infrastructure maintenance.

A-INTERLOCKING (NYP) is one of the most complex interlockings on the Northeast Corridor – A Interlocking – the critical sorting mechanism that routes trains entering and exiting New York Penn Station (NYP) from the Hudson River tunnels and the Long Island Rail Road’s West Side Yard across 21 tracks. Image courtesy of Amtrak Media.

The Backstory

It’s been a rough couple of…

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