Review: OneWorld Ayurveda – An Authentic Panchakarma Experience in Ubud, Bali

Last month I returned to Bali for another detox retreat. Ever since my first experience last year at the Sukhavati I was hooked with wellness retreats. My previous stay in Bali left me in a relaxed
state of mind, and in such a better body condition. I was very keen to return to the islands of gods for another blissful week, filled with relaxing treatments, nourishing food, and landscapes
that inspire peace of mind. 



When I heard about OneWorld Ayurveda and saw pictures of the retreat, I instantly
wanted to fly back to Bali and see this place myself. It looked surreal on the brochure, I couldn’t wait to see this place with my own eyes.


What drew me to this place in particular, was its incredible location. OneWorld Ayurveda is located directly beside Tegalalang, possibly Bali’s most famous rice terraces. The place is stunningly
beautiful, hundreds of tourists come every…

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