Delicious drives in the Netherlands: Willemstad to Middelburg, via Domburg


On my second day of exploration with Hertz, it was time to explore Zeeland. It’s a place that is practically impossible to explore with public transport, which meant my car rental came in handy. Today’s mission? Scoring true Zeeuwse Mussels, and walking on the beach of Zeeland for some true holiday vibes.


After staying the night in Etten-Leur, we drove to our first stop on the edge of Noord-Brabant: Willemstad. Even though it is not far from where I grew up, I can’t remember ever visiting. The village lies on the border between Noord-Brabant and Zeeland, with just the water separating the two.


The fortified town of Willemstad was founded in 1583, when the village of Ruigenhil was fortified…

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