5 Hilton hotels to use the Surpass free weekend certificate

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I wrote the other day about the 2 existing offers for the American Express Hilton cards that are expiring on May 31st (next Wednesday)

[Time running out for 80,000 or 100,000 Hilton points (or both)!]

Signing up for credit cards and getting the associated signup bonuses can be one of the strongest ways to get a lot of points.  It’s hard to top earning 10, 20 or even more miles and points per dollar you spend, which is fairly common when you’re trying to earn a signup bonus on a card.

Having said that, allow me to repeat my oft-spoken mantra – DO NOT SIGN UP FOR CARDS BECAUSE SOME GUY ON THE INTERNET SAID THAT YOU SHOULD!  Figure out what works for you and only go as fast as you understand and feel comfortable

Amex Hilton cards offer – 80,000 or 100,000…

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