Volcanoes, Mountain Biking & More

If you love outdoor adventure and visiting the not so touristy places when you travel, Turrialba should be on your list of places to go in Costa Rica. It’s a small city in Cartago, famous mostly for the Rawlings factory that produces all the MLB baseballs and the active Turrialba volcano. Also known for outdoor adventure but not nearly as touristic as La Fortuna, Turrialba provides a well rounded experience for those looking to enjoy local life, nature and adventure.

So if you’re thinking about visiting, here are our favorite things to do in Turrialba. One of the reasons we loved this area so much is that it’s still very much a local town and there is a vast range of fun activities in Turrialba from water sports to learning about ancient history.

Turrialba Volcano National Park

Turrialba Volcano has been making headlines the past year or so due to its frequent eruptions that have spewed ash all the way to San Jose, even closing down the SJO airport from time to time. Though…

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