The Helpful Guide to Packing for Rainy Season in Costa Rica

If you’re visiting Costa Rica during rainy season (read our post 6 reasons you should visit Costa Rica in the rainy season), the most important thing about preparing for your trip is to pack properly. You don’t want to get caught in a sudden downpour with nothing to wear except shorts and tank tops up in the mountains. Or get all your only pair of tennis shoes sopping wet and muddy after a hike!

So when you are packing for your trip to Costa Rica in the rainy season, you need to come prepared as the weather changes drastically throughout the country. Here is our rainy season packing list for Costa Rica.

What’s rainy season like in Costa Rica?

First, rainy season for most of the country is from beginning of May to beginning of December. However, it’s tropical weather so it can start a little sooner or end a little later so if you’re visiting mid April or mid December, still be aware that it may rain. The peak rainy season months for most of the country is October and…

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