15 Things to Do in Switzerland’s Second Largest City

Ahh, Jet d’eau. It’s an iconic site in Switzerland, almost synonymous with the mention of Geneva. This fountain sits in the lake and soars over 140 meters high in the sky — higher than the Statue of Liberty! When I Googled the city name the water stream is the image that dominated the results. And I can understand why, it is pretty impressive. You definitely want to see it and revel in its magic, which will be effortless while exploring the city.

But, there is so much more to Geneva.

Known as the city of parks and surrounded by breathtaking mountains, Geneva is a mix of European charm, old world architecture and a modern trendy vibe that begs to be explored.


There is no better way to get your bearings of a city than from a birds-eye view, and what better way to do that than on a helicopter. My thrilling ride with Swiftcopters took us by the iconic Geneva lake, along the nearby Switzerland-France border and atop the snow-capped Jura Mountains. It put…

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