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Croatian Recipe: How to Make Labinski Krafi

Are you ready to discover the charms of tradition and local ingredients thanks to the Velo Kafe Restaurant in Labin? Located in the Old Town of Labin you’ll find the Velo Kafe Restaurant. It offers a stunning a view over the Old Town Square from its terrace, where we sat last month for several hours enjoying a 3-course meal.

The charming ambiance is welcoming in all seasons at Velo Kafe (I hear especially so in winter by the fire). Here you can discover unique flavors of the Labin area preserved in indigenous meals, prepared following the recipes that main chef at Velo Kafe Restaurant, Jasna Pušec learned from her Mother and Grandmother. She includes traditional and local ingredients on the menu, and her passion and love for cooking is reflected on each plate. (Stay tuned for our blog post on Labin + the food we ate here)

While we loved all of the cooking during our visit, the Labinski Krafi, was the…

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