Enjoy Fresh Seafood on Dejima Wharf in Nagasaki, Japan

I was always under the impression that Hokkaido had the best seafood in Japan. I think many foreigners do. So when our friend Kai told us that Kyushu has the most delicious seafood, I was surprised. I had never heard anyone say that about Kyushu before.

Born and raised in Japan, Kai lives in Hyogo now but she’s originally from Hokkaido. On top of that, she works professionally as a cook so she knows a thing or two about Japanese food and ingredients. We spent the first half of our trip in Sapporo to attend the annual snow festival before flying to Fukuoka to explore Kyushu. With Hokkaido’s reputation for having the most incredible food like crabs, lamb, and dairy, I was convinced we would have our best dining experiences during that first week. But as Kai promised, Kyushu would be just as memorable.

To be honest, it was pretty much ingrained in my head at that point that Hokkaido has the best seafood, so I wasn’t sure if what Kai said was widespread belief or…

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