2 reasons airlines should continue to overbook flights

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After the infamous incident at O’Hare where we saw Dr. David Dao dragged off United Airlines flight 3411 (SEE: Thoughts on the man dragged off a flight and United’s PR nightmare), we’ve seen one airline commit to stop overbooking flights: Southwest. Along with JetBlue, who already doesn’t overbook, this makes two major U.S. airlines that no longer will sell tickets in excess of the number of seats on a plane. You can Southwest’s new explanation in their FAQs.

To many people, this sounds like a logical and reasonable thing to do. But I want to show why this isn’t actually the best idea. Here are the 2 big reasons overbooking makes sense:

It allows flexible travelers to reap rewards

There are few thing cooler than volunteering to be bumped from a flight…

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