How to Apply for a Taiwan Tourist Visa for Filipinos

Since I first wrote this post, three significant changes have been implemented to the Taiwan visa process. One, TECO has made it easier to get visa-free entry. In the past, you needed a valid tourist visa to the US, Canada, the UK, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and/or any of the Schengen countries to qualify for visa-free entry. Now, even expired visas (less than 10 years) to those countries are accepted. Two, applicants who aren’t eligible for visa-free entry don’t have to apply at TECO anymore. They have the option of applying online for an e-visa which is super convenient. And three, and this is the biggest and best change of them all, TECO has announced a visa exemption trial program for all Philippine passport holders. This means that all Filipinos will be able to enter Taiwan visa-free, just like they would Hong Kong! Yipeee!

When they first made the announcement, they said it would be implemented beginning 1 June 2017. But an article on ABS-CBN…

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