4 reasons I love the Amtrak credit card

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I’ll come right out and say it: I really love the Amtrak Guest Rewards World credit card. Being in NYC with family in New Hampshire and Upstate New York, this card allows me to visit my family way more frequently than if I had to pay cash every time. Earlier this year, I highlighted why the annual fee-free version of this card was good, but I’m here to tell you why the version with the $79 annual fee is better, at least in my mind. Remember, you should only apply for credit cards that fit YOUR unique situation–and NEVER just because some random guy on the internet says you should. With that out of the way, here are four reasons I love this version of the Amtrak credit card.


1. Bonus points

I’ve signed up for this card twice, once in 2015 when it came…

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