3 of the best luxury wildlife lodges in the Ecuadorian Amazon


The Ecuadorian Amazon can’t be beaten when it comes to exploring the wildlife of the country; rich with 25,000 specifies of plant life and the chance to see hard-to-find pink river dolphins, it’s easy to find yourself lost in the natural wonders you can find here. It’s one great experience to come here and see these natural wonders for yourself, however, it’s a completely phenomenal experience to spend a few nights here. Options on where to stay in the Ecuadorian Amazon are not as limited as you may think, there are a fair amount of lodges offering a combination of activities to help get you in the swing of exploring this vast jungle and providing top quality luxury facilities you can return to after a long day of adventuring. Here are the top 3 wildlife lodges we recommend:

1. Napo Lodge

This lodge almost feels like venturing back in time! Thanks to the Anangu Indigenous Community who built and designed this…

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