Celebrating over a million social media followers with some new business cards


I’m delighted to announce that A Luxury Travel Blog now has over a million followers across its various social media channels. Over 700,000 followers on Twitter, around 300,000 page likes on Facebook, over 20,000 on Instagram, and approximately 10,000 each on both Google+ and Pinterest, not to mention a few hundred thousand on some secondary accounts and collectively a few tens of thousand elsewhere (Flipboard, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc). With all figures taken into account, the total social following is in fact somewhere around the 1.4 million mark.

To mark this milestone, we decided to get some new business cards and enlisted the help of Aura Print with that task. They specialise in digital and litho printing for a range of UK clients and have experience in printing not just business cards, but also other materials such as leaflets, banners, flyers and more. I had a few ideas about how I might want my business…

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