Shades of Shanghai – 5 luxury hotels for you


Visiting Shanghai even for the most seasoned traveller is mind boggling. This city with more than 24 million residents has preserved ancient temples and cobbled stone street neighbourhoods along with the world’s tallest and gravity defying thrill creating structures (tried the glass bottomed railing free walkway on the 88th floor yet?). Shanghai is a stylish, glamorous, energetic and  modern city,  that engulfs you with it’s enterprise and intrigue. Take an early morning walk along the Bund, discover some avant-garde art at M50, eat lunch at the French concession, get hustled at Nanjing road, succumb to  an overdose of Shanghai Girl cosmetics in Tian Zi Fang finally ending your evening at Lost Heaven-  You will  feel like an actor in a˜Mission Impossible and Peter Chan’s˜Perhaps Love” all in one day. There are many shades of Shanghai for you to discover and as many hotels to choose from.

There are 5…

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