Top 5 experiences to celebrate Ceylon tea


Ceylon tea turns 150 years old in 2017 and tea enthusiasts the world over are celebrating the humble cup of pekoe. A marketers dream, Ceylon is synonymous with tea, each sip of its distinctly full flavour kindles images of undulating, lush tea fields and smiling leaf pluckers through the mist of the early morning. Now a staple in most homes the world over, no one would think Ceylon tea was almost never to be.

Tea Field

The history of Ceylon tea in a nutshell

In response to the great coffee blight decimating Ceylon’s once abundant coffee plantations, a young, pioneering James Taylor took the decision to plant tea bush seedlings originally from China in the picturesque hills surrounding Kandy at Field No. 7 of Loolecondera Estate. The experiment was a success, healthy tea bushes took to the local soil, labourers eagerly learnt the new skills of the tea trade, Taylor successfully invented a tea leaf rolling machine to…

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