5 ways to get your creative fix in Jordan


A fast-evolving creative scene in Jordan is turning this county into a rare haven for artistic minds. A land where the landscapes are epic, the culture is rich, and the people welcome you with open arms means inspiration is easy to find. Add to that a swath of galleries, exhibitions and local talent filled with positivity. It’s time to get up to speed on Jordan’s artistic metrics with our five top ways to get your creative fix.

Hit a gallery

Arty types looking to mingle with Amman’s creative crowd should beeline for the Weibdeh neighbourhood. This hip enclave is dotted with galleries showcasing art old and new, and has become the capital’s artistic bastion. Catch an exhibition and follow the lead of local fashion bloggers like Bana Abujaber with an Instagram moment in front of the graffiti-clad walls, before ducking into a café.


Get a tattoo

Tattoos are becoming a regular sight on the young creatives that…

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