Turrialba Volcano National Park – Information, Tips, Photos and Videos

Turrialba Volcano has been making headlines the past few years when it started erupting and spewing ash over San Jose and the Central Valley. Though volcanic activity has been noted since the 80’s, it has been gradually getting stronger every year since 2010 with 3 large eruptions in 2015, closing down the SJO airport and creating a national level alert.

Though the national park is closed due to volcanic activity, visitors can still drive up to the entrance to get a close look at Turrialba Volcano. which is one of the most impressive volcanoes in the country, standing at the 2nd highest.


Turrialba Volcano National Park is in the Turrialba canton in the Cartago province, about 15 miles northwest of Turrialba city.

The volcano is in the easternmost part of the Central Volcanic Range, very close to Irazu Volcano. It’s about a 2.5 hour drive from San Jose. You could visit in a day or make it a stop if you’re spending a few days in the Turrialba area.

About Turrialba…

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