Renting a Car in Costa Rica Experience

Even though we have our own car, we’ve rented a car for some of our travels around Costa Rica, especially when friends and family visit since our car is not that big. You may have heard horror stories from previous travelers or on other websites about their experience renting a car in Costa Rica but it’s all about doing the proper research to prepare you and prevent any nightmares.

The first thing you need to do is decide which car rental company to go with. And there are tons in Costa Rica! You’ll find all the big international companies like Sixt, Hertz and Budget and many local ones. Americans and Canadians prefer to go with the big companies as it is what they are familiar with. On the other hand, Europeans like to go with the local companies and after my experiences renting a car in Costa Rica as a foreigner (American), I prefer to go local as well.

Namely, with Adobe Rent a Car. Why? Well I’ll write about my experiences renting a car in Costa Rica with Adobe Rent a…

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