An Instagram Guide to Trastevere Neighborhood of Rome

feature image from Instagram @andreatunon_

Amidst all the beautiful chaos that is Rome, there is one place that remains a safe haven for those looking to explore this historic city at a slower pace: Trastevere.

With its colorful façades, traffic-free streets and the sounds of the Tiber as it peacefully flows by, this medieval quarter almost seems like an impossible dream. But its quaint charm is definitely real and, best of all, super Instagrammable!

Whether you’re looking for that typical Italian street to make your Instagram 100% #goals or you’re just looking for a spot in Rome to take a peaceful stroll in the late afternoon, Trastevere is where you’ll find it.

Below, find the best route to explore this charming neighborhood – and take many photos along the way!

Ponte Sisto

There is no better introduction to Trastevere than Ponte Sisto. With its graceful arches reaching across the two margins of the Tiber, Ponte Sisto is a beautiful combination of Rome’s…

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