A Couples’ Long Weekend Getaway to Chicago

When people ask me about my favorite cities in the US, there are a few that will always make my list. Cities like New Orleans, San Francisco, Savannah – and Chicago.

The Windy City is and has been one of my favorite US cities since I visited for the first time in college. I love the architecture, the food, the museums, the location on Lake Michigan, and how easy it is to get around.

So when Greyhound approached me about traveling somewhere with them from my home base near Cleveland, Ohio, Chicago was one of the first cities that came to mind.

I’d been to Chicago a handful of times already, but my previous trips had been with friends and family members. This time around, I wanted it to be a couple’s trip and invited Elliot to come along.

Getting to Chicago

Chicago is extremely well-connected to just about everywhere in the US. O’Hare is a major airline hub with connections to most major cities (including international ones), and the city is also served…

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