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The Caribbean island of Nevis — adjacent to St. Kitts —  is known as a tranquil place of relaxation, centered around tons of history. Many come to spend the entirety of their trip on a quiet beach, but the friendly locals and awesome adventures really make this island the “Queen of the Caribbees!”


Nevis Travel Guide & Packing Tips


The Best Time to Visit Nevis

The island is abound with tourists in the months of December through April, when everyone is heading to the Caribbean to escape nasty winter weather. While you’re assured of great weather during these months, you’ll also pay slightly higher hotel rates, but Nevis never really feels crowded no matter what time of year you visit. I’d recommend waiting until May or June to visit Nevis; you’ll enjoy great weather before the rainy off season and reasonable prices.

Nevis, Caribbean Travel Guide & Packing Tips



Airfare is not as cheap as more popular tourist islands like Jamaica or the Bahamas, so plan your flights wisely to save as much money…

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