Where to Go For Australia’s Finest Wine

Pinot Grigio in southern Tasmania (Credit: Stefano Lubiana)

There’s a general perception of Australians as beer guzzling bogans (the Aussie term for rednecks).

While I won’t deny that many of my country’s people do enjoy a refreshing pint, schooner or midi of larger on a hot summer’s day, Australia also has a flourishing wine scene.

In fact, we are the fourth largest exporter of wine in the world, with wine being produced in every state.

Don’t let the large brand’s like Yellow Tail or Jacob’s Creek fool you – there is some darn good vino on offer in this country.

However, it is in the south of the country that the wine industry flourishes. It’s common for visitors to these states (and residents alike) to spend a weekend boozing it up in the vineyards, surrounded by good wine, delicious food, and beautiful views.

In fact, I’d consider a tour of a wine region to be a quintessential experience for those wanting to visit the more alternative destinations of…

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