When It Comes to Laksa, Are You on Team Asam or Team Curry? (Recipe)

My favorite cuisines are Japanese and Indian. Ren prefers French and Italian. On a recent trip to Japan, I enjoyed tonkotsu ramen while she favored miso ramen. My hypothetical last meal would be sushi while hers would be lamb chops with foie gras. She’s frequently the yin to my yang so it’s no surprise that when it comes to laksa, she sits on team asam while I’m chilling on the other side with team curry. ?

Laksa is hugely popular in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Southern Thailand. It’s considered a national dish in Malaysia and I believe it could be a borderline national dish in Singapore as well. We’re more familiar with curry laksa, hence the recipe below, but we got to try asam laksa for the first time in Penang last year. If you’ve tried both, then you’ll understand how different they are. I love Indian food so I enjoy the creaminess of curry laksa. Ren on the other hand was taken by the depth and uniqueness in flavor of the asam…

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