Flashpacking in Ireland – 8 days of luxury adventure


Have you heard of “flashpacking”? Well we just did.  In your 20’s you backpacked on tight budgets for months on end in exotic places. Now you travel for 7 nights, with three stops, luxury hotel stays and some adventure thrown in. You will be glad to know there is now a travel term for you…. You are a flashpacker!  So, we put together an itinerary and some ideas for a quick trip in the south of Ireland that will satisfy your sense of adventure while indulging in some pampering and great food.

Day 1 – Arrival

Fly into Cork airport. It is a small airport and stress free. You will have your car picked up and out on the open road in 30 min after you land. Pickup your car hire and make your way to your seaside hotel. We suggest a Landrover 4 x 4, as you might just end up doing some off-road driving on Ireland’s winding narrow roads and having the best high up view point will allow you enjoy the fantastic views…

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