Abruzzo, Italy – An Italian Hotspot Worth Visiting

By Adam Groffman

Abruzzo, Italy – An Italian Hotspot Worth Visiting - Travels of Adam -

There’s a secret that even the most passionate travelers keep to themselves. If you’re like most people, you’re probably always looking for that new place, that new discovery, that truly unique offer. While many travelers are often after the new and the local, to truly get a taste of something special—something secret—it’s important to not just wander around lost a familiar city, but to find a new city altogether.

Most tourists who visit Italy hit the familiar places on a grand Italy tour: Rome, Venice, Florence, Naples. And who can blame them? All these cities are amazing and full of culture, unique landscapes, good food and… long queues.

Yes, because one of the problems of going where-everyone-else-is-going can be expressed in a single word: crowded. Visit the Trevi Fountain or Pizza San Marcos during summer and you’ll barely be visible in your own Instagram photo. There are just too many tourists, so much of that special Italian culture gets…

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