7 delightful restaurants in the Cape Winelands, South Africa


What is a holiday without good food? Most people come back from a luxury trip with lovely photos, interesting stories and many memories – including recollections of the meals they had enjoyed. Breakfast on an outdoor terrace, lunch at a quaint bistro, dinner at a gourmet restaurant in a beautiful setting. And travellers not only remember what they ate, but – maybe even more importantly – where they enjoyed their meals. Let me introduce you to 7 restaurants in the Cape Winelands area of South Africa where you will take as much delight in the scenery as in the menu!


In the most idyllic setting at the foot of Simonsberg, as well as a view on Table Mountain in the distance, lies Delheim. The farm is owned by family of Spatz Sperling, a legend in the South African wine industry.

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The German gemutlichkeit creates the ambience in the Garden Restaurant that offers a selection of dishes ranging from cheese…

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