5 of the best art and architecture stops in Bath, England


In the rural county of Somerset lies the charming city of Bath, offering one of the best-preserved sets of Roman baths, as well as some of the finest examples of English architecture – all in the city’s golden-coloured ‘Bath Stone’. For centuries, Bath has been a centre for British culture, boasting the Pride and Prejudice author, Jane Austen, as one of its former residents. Today, the city is home to a number of museums and galleries celebrating native artists, alongside the foreign influences that have long-shaped British culture. Here’s our list of the best art and architecture spots in Bath, England:


Roman Baths

In the 1st century AD, Romans discovered the Celtic goddess of Sulis upon their invasion of the area; the goddess was worshipped as deity of the local thermal springs. The Romans – most likely wanting to take advantage of the natural wonder for their infamous bathing-culture – identified their…

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