The World’s Most Interesting Lighthouses

Lighthouses are iconic for a reason - sometimes for their looks, other times for their history. Here some of the most interesting lighthouses in the world.
Tacking Point Lighthouse in Port Macquarie, Australia (Credit: Wiki Commons)

I don’t know about you, but I love lighthouses.

Sometimes, I think I subconsciously seek them out when traveling (having a preference for visiting seaside destinations helps with this mission). They make for great photographs and often, the history behind them can be endlessly fascinating.

Some were once defense forts. Others have had locals rally together, to preserve or save them.

Some are reputed to be haunted, and others have even sadder associations.

Either way, most of them have some story to tell. Here are some of the world’s cutest and most interesting lighthouses.

Tacking Point Lighthouse in New South Wales, Australia

Australia has roughly 10,000 beaches, which makes way for a lot of coastline, which in turn leads to an abundance of lighthouses. So, it’s hard to narrow the nicest one down, but someone has to do it.

A high contender at least is Tacking Point Lighthouse in the coastal town of…

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