3 Chase Ultimate Rewards “hacks”

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**This is your clickbait disclaimer.** I’ve now mislead you as badly as the article I’m about to describe. But now you might as well finish the piece. ?

Recently, I came across an article titled “3 Hacks for Using the Chase Ultimate Rewards Program“. The article was published at Yahoo Finance and HuffPo, among other places. The non-travel-hacking publishing platform should have been an indicator that they weren’t going to tell me anything new, but I clicked anyway. I had to know what the hacks are!

What are these so-called UR “hacks”?

The hacks were really simple:

  1. Transferring Ultimate Reward Points to Loyalty Partners
  2. Using the Chase Ultimate Rewards Portal to Book Travel
  3. Redeeming Ultimate Rewards for Cash Back

Wait…these aren’t hacks at…

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