Central America’s luxury trio: Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama


While Costa Rica has been a well-known tourist destination for more than a decade, its neighboring countries Nicaragua and Panama are still a mystery for most luxury travelers. All the better for those who do make their way to the under-the-radar luxury resorts that are now cropping up throughout southern Central America. Want to dive right in? Here is the perfect way to enjoy the greatest upscale resorts in Nincaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.


You’ll start your journey in the northernmost of the three countries. Known for its hospitality and easy access to untouched beaches, Nicaragua is quickly becoming a go-to destination for those seeking a unique, high-end experience. It also has a growing population of expats eager to take advantage of its tropical climate and peaceful daily life.

Nicaragua is a short flight from most of the United States, meaning you arrive in the capital city, Managua, ready to…

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