Top 5 luxury cruise suites


There are several cruise lines around offering more space, better living quarters and an increased holiday experience with their premium suites. But which ones are the best? Many cruise lines specialise in luxury cruising exclusively, but if you have the extra cash to spend, which rooms are most likely to make a special occasion just that little bit more special? Surprisingly, despite the significant price difference between standard the staterooms and premium suites available on board, it’s usually the premium luxury cruise suites that sell out first. They are highly limited in numbers, so if cruising in luxury with all the finer things in life at your fingertips, it’s recommended to book as soon as the itinerary is announced.

Celebrity Edge Iconic Suites

Said to “leave the future behind” in the world of cruising, Celebrity Edge is expected to go above and beyond people’s expectations of what it means to…

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