What to expect at MATKA Nordic Travel Fair as a Travel Blogger- Hippie in Heels

I went to Finland recently and had a blast exploring Helsinki and Oulu, but the actual purpose of the trip was to attend MATKA, a travel conference. I learned a lot about how to prepare and what to expect at MATKA Nordic Travel Fair as a travel blogger and am going to share that in this article.

I have personally only attended one other travel conference and that was TBEX in Bangkok which I wasn’t really a fan of. I have also spoken at the Gypsy Travel Fair in Mumbai. I haven’t attended huge travel fairs, like the ones in NYC and London.

Chances are if you are attending this conference as an international, non-Nordic blogger, it’s because you are in the Nordic Blogger’s Experience (NBE) along with other selected invitees. This is why I was attending MATKA.

To be honest, I was so excited to go to Finland, I didn’t think enough about the conference and I regret that which is why I want to share my experiences.

If you are in the NBE then there are special days set aside…

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