Epic Road Trips to Take in Your Lifetime

epic road trip
The historic Route 66 in the USA (Credit: Tony Hisgett)

Traveling is generally great, no matter where you go or what you do, but an epic road trip lingers in the memory.

I try to go on a long drive every few months, and there are few I can think of that haven’t been stand out amazing.

There are a few ingredients needed for the perfect road trip – bring snacks, have some good music at hand and make sure you’re traveling with people you don’t mind being stuck in a car with for hours on end.

Here’s a mixture of trips I have been on and two I do so desperately want to try for myself some day. Hope they serve for some inspiration!

1. Route 66, USA

The USA seems to me, a country that was made for road tripping, with its diverse landscapes and long, endless stretches of road.

I’ve merely road tripped around a few of the southern states and would love to return for a coast to coast trip one day – preferably taking in as much of the famous Route 66 as possible.

2. The Great…

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