9 Things To Do on a Long Haul Flight to Entertain Yourself

I travel a lot, and being cooped up on a plane is generally a big part of that. Many of the destinations I visit require 15+ hours of travel time to get to (my trip to Tanzania was the longest at a whopping 35 hours!) and people are always asking me how I handle the boredom of a long haul flight, especially when sleeping is nearly impossible for me.

The answer is I keep myself entertained.

Airplane Window Photo

The thought of sitting on a plane for over ten hours is one reason that keeps people from traveling the world. But, I have found that if you prepare properly and plan your air time like you would your travel itinerary, the time will seem to go by more quickly. For example, my inflight schedule might look something like this:

11:00 Play Five Games of Candy Crush
11:30 Mealtime
12:45 Watch a Movie
2:30 Read Stored Article About Traveling to Havana
3:00 Write First Draft of Tokyo Story
4:30 Attempt a Crossword Puzzle

The trick is having a few things to do to choose from, so that…

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