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A road trip in and around Albania will be a wonderfully rewarding experience and one which will give you lasting memories of this diverse and varied country.

Albania is situated in a jeweled position, lapped by the warm waters of the Ionian and Adriatic Seas, with Montenegro, Greece, and Italy are its neighbors. There is plenty to see and do, no matter where you choose to go. Generally speaking, visitors head to Tirana Airport, which has another name you may know it by – Rinas Mother Teresa Airport. This is where you will usually pick up your hire car, although there are other options available also. From here, you can quickly head out onto the open road and explore the quaint towns, ruins, castles, and nature which the country is known for. On top of this, the coastline has some of the most beautiful beaches on offer so that you can have a sightseeing and beach break with ease.

Driving in Albania is an easy task, and the direction of driving is on the right. Obviously,…

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