6 reasons why foodies need to head to the Dordogne


“Good food and good wine, this is heaven on earth,” said Henri IV, the best loved of all French kings.

Sitting on little plastic chairs eagerly awaiting their meals, locals and tourists chat pleasantly amongst themselves in between gazing at the beautifully picturesque landscapes through the quaint windows of the farm restaurant. The owner is also the chef and his wife manages front of house, whilst their son plays outside, chiming “bonjour!” to familiar faces passing by or coming in for a bite to eat and an apéritif. Views of mediaeval villages hanging delicately from steep cliffs along the river catch the eye of diners, as do the grand châteaux that transport you into a children’s fairytale.

The Dordogne, also known as the Périgord, holds a rich and varied history – a land where time has stood still in many places and you can marvel at Romanesque churches and centuries-old gardens that complement the…

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