Momentos to take home from Myanmar


Travellers are also collectors, and not just of experiences, but also of the relics and momentos which represent its country of birth. Leather gloves from Argentina, authentic Chinese tea, German beer steins, traditional Venetian masks from Italy, or Moroccan ceramics, the list could unfold to grand proportions.


Myanmar was isolated from the world for five decades, and in very recent years, has found itself at the top of the pack for global explorers on the hunt for something off the beaten track. Unearthing the country’s eternal landscapes and ancient civilizations is a profound experience, and currently, it’s not one that is as commonly shared when compared to the likes of Thailand, India or Laos. Taking something home from this unique corner of the globe is sure to be a must for most who travel through its borders, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the country’s most treasured artefacts to carry home…

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