9 of the best Austrian cakes… and where to eat them


Real luxury food in Austria comes in the form of dessert. Torten have outruled  Habsburg Emperors, calorie counters and health gurus. Here are nine of the most powerful Austrian cakes, along with the best Viennese patisseries that serve them.

Sacher torte

Simple ingredients, delicate manufacturing:  Vienna’s signature cake by Hotel Sacher is a chocolate sponge with a thin layer of apricot jam in the middle and another underneath the shiny chocolate icing. Since the epic legal battle over the Sacher Torte brand between Hotel Sacher and Konditorei Demel Sacher has kept the original recipe of the cake locked away in the its safe. Demel’s Sacher Torte is as good. The only difference is Demel’s single layer of apricot jam underneath the icing.

Where best to eat Sacher torte: Hotel Sacher, Konditorei Demel

Austrian Cakes: Demel's Sacher Torte

Imperial torte

Fans of delicate layers will relish this traditional cake by Viennese palace hotel…

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