North To South In 2 Weeks

Jacksonville, Amelia Island, St Augustine, Orlando, St Pete/Clearwater, Tampa, Naples, Florida Keys, Miami

Total approximate miles: 886 miles (1,503 km)

Total fuel: US$347.84

Total groceries: $291.12

How many times can we go to Florida? This was our fourth trip in 2016 and we still discovered new places each time. Wonderful places. Places dedicated to relaxation, entertainment, nature and education.

This time we wanted to cover the entire state and were so grateful when Visit Florida offered to help us. If you’re looking for a warm beach vacation in winter, our 2-week road trip is packed with plenty of fun family friendly ideas.

We’ve included everything you need to know, from attractions to restaurants to hotels. It doesn’t matter if you choose the north-to-south route (like we did) or the other way around, one thing is certain… you won’t be disappointed in The Sunshine State!